Күнделікті сабақ жоспары My Village 6 сынып

I. Organisation moment1. (W) Greeting 2. Positive attitude to the lesson. Learners and teacher clap 3 times and smile to each other. 3. (W) Introducing the theme and the lesson objectives. 4. (G) Making groups. Teacher makes groups using pictures.Learners should gather pictures of Cows, Horses and then make two groups.

Game “Jumbled letter”Teacher tick the poster of “Jumbled letter” on the board and asks “Learners to work in group and rearrange the jumbled letter to make a meaningful words.Poster words:ROHES HORSECUDK DUCKRAMF FARMENUTAR NATURELAMEC CAMELVLIAGEL VILLAGE

Teacher asks close question to learners (e.g. Where we can see these animals?)

1.(W)Presentation vocabularyPre-reading

(G) Read and understand independently detail in short, simple topic

My VillageI live in village Palampur. The village is peace and quiet, but sometimes it is noisy. There are about thousand people live in my village. Most of them are farmers. They grow paddy in the large fields around my village. These paddy fields look very beautiful when the paddy plants are growing. There are many animals: cows, pigs, sheeps, horses, rams, ducks, cocks and chickens and others. A small river flows by our village. A river is the most important place for us. We can spend all day long swimming and playing in summer.  The air is very pure and fresh in the morning. My village has a market where the local people buy and sell things. There are few brick buildings. There is a school and a small health care center in my village. The people are doing farming and animal husbandry in my village. They celebrate all festivals together. The people of my village live simple life. They live peacefully and happily together. The people in my village are good. I like my village very much.

(G) Post-readingGroups make up, ask and answer questions to each group (One group make up, ask questions with “Who…?”, the second group – “What…?”)Description

(G) Describe the pictures and talk about your lovely place in village using vocabulary with limited support (2-7 sentences)

Teachers oral feedback Differentiation

(G) «Quick Writes» strategyTeacher provide groups open-ended questions and set an amount of time for having them write about their village using common participles as adjectives and order adjectives correctly with support from three to six minutes. Teacher tells groups not worry about the conventions of writing but rather focus on getting their ideas down on paper. When time is up learners put their pencils down.

(W) Reflection

Forest Fresh air River flows Pure

Quite Paddy fieldsFarming and animal husbandry Health care Brick buildings Teacher asks questions to learners (e.g. What is the name of the place? What adjectives describe it?, etc., and learners one by one go to the board and write adjectives words)

Teacher give pictures to learners one by one tack the apples to the tree