What nice weather? слайд,презентация


What nice weather? слайд,презентация

To develop hearing and speaking skills on speech level on the material covered;
To develop pupils’ abilities in enlarging sentences;
To teach pupils the words “changeable, enough, too, very” so that they can use it speaking sentence level;
    II. Warm-up
Teacher:  Every day we begin  our lesson with the question: What is the weather like today? Because it’s  very important to know what to wear. If it is a  nice day, we smile  and  are in a good mood. If it is a  bad  weather, it can spoil our mood.  By the way, what is the weather like today? 

P1 – Today the weather is …

What is the weather like today? 
Is it raining?
Is it cloudy?
What is the weather like yesterday?
Was it warm?
What day is it today?
What day was it yesterday?

Have every pupil  answer  the questions.

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