Type of the lesson: lesson trip


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Type of the lesson: lesson trip

Автор: Умарова Гулнур Нургалиевна

Бағыты: Шет тілі Бөлімі: Сабақ жоспары Сыныбы: 6 сынып

Жарияланған уақыты: 2019-01-17

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Type of the lesson: lesson trip


The aims of the lesson:Educational: to explain the new theme.Developing: to develop the pupils speaking skills, writing and listening skills by workingwith texts, analyzing and doing exercises,Up-bringing: to bring them up to be friendly, hardworking, polite and patientThe methods and techniques: explanation, discussion, question-answerType of the lesson: lesson tripEquipments: pictures, cards, booksOrganization moment– Good morning my dear pupils! You are welcome for today’s lesson.– Who is on duty today?– What was your home task? write an essay “Dream vacation”Brainstorming: : I think everybody likes travelling. So, during our lesson we’ll talk about travelling, means of transport, share and express opinions, and exchange ideas.– Why do people travel?– What are the reasons for travelling?– P1: People travel to discover new places.P2: People travel to learn a language.P3: People travel to see the sights.P4: People travel to enjoy beautiful places.P5: People travel to make new friends.P6: People travel to discover different ways of life.P7: People travel to see other countries and continents.– What means of transport do you know?– What are the most popular ways of travelling? – by bus– by train– by bike– by ship– by car– by taxi– by motorbike– by boat– by tram– on foot Teacher: OK. Today we shall speak about travelling. You know that our life is impossible without travelling. Many people like to travel. They can travel by plane, by train, by ship, by car, on foot. Today we shall travel by train. Many people prefer travelling by train. They think it’s more comfortable and it’s also not very expensive.Write down the date and the new theme.Do you know that travelling by train called –journey.the 1st task is Speaking. Let’s begin our travelling and do exercise 1 on page 122 orallly.Choose one kind of transport and complete the table. Which statements are true for the transport you have chosen?Transport———– 

  • They are comfortableb. They usually come in time.c. They are expensived. They are often crowdede. You have to wait longf. They are quickg. It’s an enjoyable way to travelh. It’s a safe way to travel

 the task is Writing.Make up sentences using following adjectives. Which of these adjectives describe the public transport in your village?the task is for Discussion.I. Are these statements true or false in your experience?1. Trains are more reliable than buses.2. Train fares are more expensive than bus fares.3. Train journeys are more interesting than air flights.4. Railway stations are nicer places than airports.5. You get to the place you are going faster by car than by train.the task is Reading. Look at the book and read the text.1st task is read the text A The Orient Express and answer the questions according to the text1. When G.Nagelmackers start his company?2. Why did he want to make a new railway line?3. When did the Orient Express make its last journey and why it had to stop?2nd task is read the text B High –speed trains.1. Some countries in Europe use high speed trains.2. Transrapid is a type of train in England.3. TGV travels at the speed of 250 miles an houtlet’s solve the crossword.1. The types of transport ……2. Shortest synonym of the word travelling3. Translate into English –қауіпсіз4. Antonyms of the word –cheap5. Travelling by train called –journey.Conclusion. Today’s theme was the train. We were traveling, doing a lot of exercise. At the end of the lesson lets speak about Advantages and Disadvantages of travelling by train.TRAINAdvantages Disadvantages1) it is a fast transport2) it is a comfortable transport3) you can see the nature4) you can eat in the dining-car5) you can sleep comfortably6) if it is rainy, you will not get wet 1) it is slower than plane2) it can be crash3) it is noisyMarking: You are very active today. Your marks

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