Television and children слайд,презентация – Шет тілі


Television and children слайд,презентация

    Our president N.A.Nazarbayev said:
   ’’ Every modern person must know three languages- Kazakh, Russian and English’’. 
   And he also said:
   ’’ The future of our country is our young well educated generation’’. 
Say what you think about the following:

1. Children and TV is a great problem.
2. Television is not harmful, but if you let 
    a child watch TV programmes  
    without choice, he simply becomes a 
    passive viewer. 
*  Magazine programme
*  Wild life programme
*  Quiz programme
*  ’’ Soap’’ opera-play
*  Video clip
*  Western
Writing/Answer the questions
Dialogical learning
1. How many hours a week do you spend watching TV?
2. What sort of programmes do you like watching?
3. Are there any sorts of programmes you like or dislike?

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