Ашық сабақ. Ағылшын тілі.Тақырыбы: ’’Travelling’’


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Ашық сабақ. Ағылшын тілі.Тақырыбы: ’’Travelling’’


Бағыты: Шет тілі Бөлімі: Сабақ жоспары Сыныбы: 7 сынып

Жарияланған уақыты: 2019-01-22

Материал туралы қысқаша түсінік

ашық сабақ

Урок-проект Travelling
Цели урока:
Образовательная: углублять знания по страноведению; дать рекомендации по публичному выступлению;
Развивающая: совершенствовать коммуникативную компетенцию учащихся, эмоциональную и эстетическую стороны в процессе обучения иностранному языку;
Воспитательная: повышать познавательный интерес учащихся к иностранному языку в процессе проектной работы, учить учащихся работе в парах и группах.
План урока
І.Начало урока
2.Вступительное слово учителя
ІІ. Защита учащимися проектных работ по темам
Life there
Health tips for travelers
Travel-tour advertisements
Courier`s resort information books
ІІІ. Окончание урока. Итог урока. Выставление оценок.
Ход урока
Teacher (T) Cood morning, dear guests and pupils. I`m glad to see you today. I hope everybody is OK. How are you, pupils?
Pupils (P) Fine, thanks (Very well, indeed, thank you. I`m all right. So-so).
T:The topic, we are going to discuss today, is Travelling. As for me, I like to travel. And you?
P:So do I. (Yes, I like to travel).
T:Why do people travel, by the way?
P: They travel to see different countries and continents (to see modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns, for a change of scene, to try different food, to listen to different musical rhythms.
T: I fully agree with you. For today you`ve prepared different projects, connected with the topic of our lesson. You are divided into three groups. Each group has got its leader. I`d like the leaders to introduce to our guests.
P: Let me introduce myself. My name is I am a leader of our group.
T: Thank you. And before the presentation of your projects I`d like to remind you about the skill of giving a presentation. Successful people possess the ability to communicate well. Most of us think that communication is just speaking and writing. But in fact, over half of an oral message is communicated visually. Look at this diagram.
We can that it is not so much what you say as how you say it. If you wish to make an effective presentation, take care of 5 elements:
Nervousness. Do not speak to quickly because you are nervous. In fact speak slower during the first few moments of a talk.
The relationship between you and your audience. Be friendly and try to make eye contact with everyone in your audience.
Body language. Remember that 57% of the message is communicated by what the audience can see. Use open-handed natural gestures.
Vocal quality. The sound of your voice carries 36% of the message. You must be loud enough to be heard by everyone.
Question time. Do not be afraid of questions and try to answer them.
So, if you take this advice into account, you will certainly succeed.
I`d like you to listen to the speakers very attentively and decide whose project you like best and why. We`ve got a file, where you`ll put in your projects, and at the end we`ll get a book.
So , your first project should be about interesting facts, information , connected with traveling around the world.
(Представители каждой группы демонстрируют свои проекты Do you know ?, Around the world, Guinness Records).
T: Thank you. What project do you like best and why? (Учащиеся высказывают свои мнения).
(Possible answers I like the project because it is the most interesting and exiting, because of its funny illustrations. I think our project is the best because we`ve prepared more carefully for it. etc.)
T: Travel is fun, travel is exiting. But is not fun or exiting if you get ill. You may think Not me. I won`t fall ill on my holiday! But for many people that is what happens. So, what can you do to stay in good health? That was the task for your second project.
(Представители каждой группы демонстрируют свои проекты и затем выбирают наиболее понравившийся проект, обосновывая свой выбор.)
T: In conclusion we may say that when you travel you should remember three things relax, sleep and eat well.
T: I think it`s high time to relax and have fun. Your third project is about anecdotes, connected with travelling.
(Представители каждой группы демонстрируют свои прoкеты, рассказывая анекдоты).
T: Thank you. What anecdotes do you like best and why?
P: (Possible answers) I like the anecdotes P. I told, because I like his manner of speaking, he (she) tried to act them out.
T: Nowadays, there are a lot of travel agencies, and all of them would like to attract more tourists. How can they do it? What plays an important role in tourists` attraction. Of course travel-tour advertisements.
(Учащиеся каждой группы демонстрируют свои рекламные проекты и высказывают своё мнение).
T: Now I`d like you to present your courier`s resort information books. But firs I`d like to remind you the recommendations for the arrangement of your books. Your resort book should correspondent to the following criteria.
-It should have a list of contents (This page makes it easier for the reader to find things and it helps to order the sections logically).
-Each section should have a title and headings.
-The information should be easy to find.
-The information should be presented in an attractive and eye-catching way.
I know that you`ve prepared these projects individually and in pairs. Who wants to be the first?
(Учащиеся представляют свои проектные работы и высказывают свои мнения о понравившихся работах).
T:As you know our city is soon to be 1000 years old. And the last task for today was to prepare a project about Mangistau. You should prepare an excursion around our city. You are welcome. (Учащиеся выступают с экскурсиями о Мангистау и высказывают свои мнения о наиболее понравившихся). Possible answers: I like our excursion, because I`m fond of sport, and it`s about places, connected with sport. I think, Mangistau is a cultural and historical city and the places, mentioned in the excursion, are connected with history of Mangistau.
T: Now it`s time to sing a song Trains and boats and plains. (Учащиеся исполняют песню).
Our lesson is coming to an end. The result of our lesson is this book. (Учитель демонстрирует книгу со всеми проектными работами учащихся).

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