In the kitchen

День:Предмет:кәсіптік шетел тіліКурс: 1Группа: Тема урокаIn the kitchen.National food and traditionsЦели обученияto teach to describe the kitchen,to present the names of national foodОжидаемый результат
  • Students will be able to describe the kitchen,to use the names of national food
  • ИсточникиЮ.Голицынский«Spoken English«Модулиto use new approaches of teachingМетоды«Hot chair«, «Matching«, «Find the place«Развитие ценностей to develop skills of listening,speaking,giving his opinion,listening to others’ opinions,working in groupsМежпредметная связь Russian,kazakh Ход урокаХод урокаВремяДействие учителяДействия студентовРесурсыОрганизационный этапGreetingIntroducing of the new themeGreetingReport of the dutiesЗакрепление пройденного материала Checks up the home taskWorking with the vocabulary. «Hot chair«Asks and answers the questions on vocabulary Новая темаPresentation of the new words and word combinations concerning the themeWorking with the topic «In the kitchen«Find out the meaning of the new words

    Read and discuss the text in groups



    Printed texts


    Listen to the song

    Практическая работа: Working with the text «National food»Gives a task
  • Read and translate the text in groups and prepare a poster
  • Poster«Matching»

    «Find the place«

    Gives an instruction

    Gives a task

  • Match the pictures and names
  • Find the right place of each object using the prepositions

    PPTОбратная связьFill in the chart stickersОцениваниеSelf assessmentДомашнее заданиеTo learn new words and make up sentences