A great kazakh poet Аbai, Абайдың туғанына 175 жыл, сабақ жоспары


The aims of the lesson:
Upbringing: to bring up pupils be polite and responsibility, to love English, to educate the respect and interest in Abai s compositions
Educational: to introduce pupils new words on the theme, to revise the grammar material, discussion about the biography of the poet
Development: to develop pupils critical thinking, logical speech, reading and speaking skills, to enrich pupils` knowledge in literature
Theme of the lesson: mixed lesson
Method of teaching: individual, pair and group work, question – answer, brainstorming
Visual aids: interactive board, slides, cards, a portrait of Abai Kunanbaiv
Procedure of the lesson:
1) Organization moment
a) Greeting
b) Making the absentees
c) Talk with the pupil on duty
2) Checking up the homework
3) Introduction of the new lesson
– Dear children! Look at the screen. Look at the portrait attentively. Answer the questions.
– Who can see in this picture?
– What is Abai Kunanbaev?
– What is Abai Kunanbaev famous for?
When and where was he born?
– What poems written by Abai do you know?
Creation work
Abai Kunanbaev
a composer
a thinker
a writer a philosopher a translator a poet
New words and expressions
masterpiece – үлгілі шығарма
good – natured – кішіпейіл
tales and legends – ертегілер мен аңыздар
settlement – елді жер
story – teller – ертегіші
very strict – өте қатал
Match the words
musician – музыкант
to learn Russian – орыс тілін үйрену
poetry – өлең
many foreign languages – көптеген шетел тілдері
to be proud of – мақтан тұту
Listen to the text about Abai Kunanbaev from the tape recorder.
After the listening the text Ihave divided into two groups. Pupils I and II group will translate the text. Pupils put the questions each other and answer it (Jiqsaw 1).
Complete the chart (Блум таксономиясы бойынша )
What is A. Kunanbaev famous for?
What and where was he born?
Why has been Abai translated the words into many foreing languages?
Abai is in our life (to write short essay)
Do you read Abai s poem?(to write short essay )
Teacher: How well do you know Abai s poem? Give me equivalents in three languages.
1. ’’Broad – shouldered, white – coated, powdered with snow.

Blind and dumb, with the great big silvery beard…”. (Қыс)
2.”The clouds are grey and gloomy boding rain,
An autumn mist envelops the bare earth…”( Күз)
3.”The first snow falls, the blood – sport calls
Then hunters mount and ride.
The eagle s master knows the place…”(Қансонарда бүркітші шығады аңға).
4. Conclusion Test
1. His father Kunanbai was very……
a) strict
b) simple
c) sell
2. Abai Kunanbaev died….. 1904.
a) in
b) to
c) at
3. Later Abai …theirs works into Kazakh.
a) to translate
b) translated
c) will translate
4. His mother Ulzhan was…….
a) kind
b) unkind
c) impolite
5. Abai went to a religious school at the age of ….
a) 9
b) 10
c) 8
5. Giving the homework: to retell the text on the theme”A. Kunanbaev”
6. Evaluation for the work at the lesson.
The lesson is over. Good – bye.

Нұрманова Н.Б.
№34 мектеп гимназиясының ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Батыс Қазақстан облысы, Орал қаласы