What time is it now? слайд,презентация


What time is it now? слайд,презентация

Educational: to enlarge pupils knowlarge on the theme
Developing: to develop pupils skills and habits in speech and logical thinking, imagination, reading and writing skills.
Bring up: to enlarge pupils interest in learing english language. 
The type of the lesson: mixed

The method of the lesson:
speaking and reading

Materials of the lesson:
interactive board cards, books, pictures
Organization moment 

T: Good morning boys and girls! 
How are you?
Who is on duty today? 
What date is it today?
Who is absent today? 
What day of the week is it today? 
What is the weather like today?
Watch – қол сағат
Clock – сағат
Past – өтті, кетті
Quarter – он бес минут
To – қалды
Half past – жарты
At – демеулік уақыт алдында қойылады
a.m – күндізгі уақыт
p.m – түнгі уақыт

Рахмет ретінде жарнамалардың біреуін басуды сұраймын!