What should you do to keep fit слайд,презентация


What should you do to keep fit слайд,презентация



Keeping Fit
       1. By keeping fit, changing bad habits or the surrounding conditions we can make our body last without major problems. And what are the ways to keep fit?
First of all you must miss no chance of outdoor activities. Skating or skiing in winter and swimming in summer must become part of your everyday life. 
     2. Second, exercise. You must exercise whenever you can – in the morning or in the evening. Third, regular meals are a must if you want to keep fit. Try to avoid going without any food for hours. 
     3.Nowadays, health specialists promote the idea of wellness for everybody. The English people have become very concerned about their health recently. In fact, fitness has become almost a national obsession. In large cities and towns people join sports teams and going to health clubs and Fitness Centers to work out. 
Right down your homework. At home you’ll write the essay on the topic “How to keep fit”.
2) exercise:5(1) on page 196.




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