What do you want to be слайд,презентация – Шет тілі


What do you want to be слайд,презентация

Who is on duty today?
 What season is it now?
 What month is it now?  What date is it today?
 What day of the week today?

                      Phonetic drill
             This is the season,
        When mornings are dark.
        And birds do not sing,
        In the forests and park.                                       
                          New words
    a pilot                 [‘pailǝt]               ұшқыш     
        a professor          [prǝ’fesǝ]            профессор
        a sportsman        [‘spo:tsmǝn]        спортсмен
        a cosmonaut       [¸kozmǝ’no:t]      космонавт
        a dancer               [dɑ:nsǝ]               биші
        a spaceman        [speismǝn]           ғарышкер
        a  journalist        [‘dȝǝ:nǝ’list]         журналист
        a  writer              [‘raitǝ]                 жазушы
        a  singer              [siƞǝ]                  әнші
-I want to be a pilot.
-What about you, Omar? What do you want to be?
-I want to be a doctor.
-What does your father do?
-He is a spaceman.
-What does your mother do?
-She is a journalist
-What does your friend do?
-He is a pupil.
-What does he want to be?
-He wants to be a polisman

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