Water as a natural resource слайд,презентация – Шет тілі


Water as a natural resource слайд,презентация

 Theme:        Our World    
 Aims:             1.  To teach pupils new lexis and expressions.     
                      2.  To  develop  pupils’ reading, speaking and                                               writing skills.
                      3.  To educate pupils’ interest in learning English.

Visual aids:     Books, CDs.

Structure of the lesson.

I. Orgmoment:           a)  greeting     
                  b)  asking absence of a form
                  c)  check up the pupils’ & copybooks

II. Check up the homework:  Ex.4 p20. wb.

1. Warm up.        Riddles
 Which words are the best answers to the riddles below? Write the words on the lines. 

  cesspit        қазылған шұңқыр  
  ocean        мұхит
  chemicals    химиялық заттар
  pond        өткел
  clean water    таза су
  lens        жер астындағы көл
  salt        тұзды
  clam        құрт-құмырсқа
  swimming pool    бассейн

1.   I am wet. All living things need me. All plants, animals and people will die without me. What am I? ________________

2.   I have been under the ground for many, many years. Water for the people is in me. What am I?    ________________

3.   I am near everyone’s home. Food, water and chemicals are put into me. I am not very big, but I am supposed to do big job. What am I? __________________

4.   People like to swim in me. Big boats sail on me, too. I am very pretty. What am I?  _________________

5.   Wild water birds like to be on me. I am very beautiful. You can walk around me and see many exciting birds, animals and plants. What am I? __________________

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