The Present Simple tense слайд,презентация – Шет тілі


The Present Simple tense слайд,презентация

The aim of the lesson:    
Educational: To consolidate  lexical stock, to teach to express own opinions, to enrich pupils vocabulary, to teach Grammar.
Developing: To develop the pupils habits of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Bringing – up: To bring up them to respect the opinions of their classmates about the professions.

The type of the lesson:
a lesson of teaching vocabulary and teaching Grammar.
                     The form of the lesson: a show of lesson:
                 The methods of working:
warm – up, group work, role plays, a crossword, running dictation.
                  Inter subject connection:
Kazakh, Russian, Music.
   The visual aids:
an interactive board, thematically pictures, Grammar tables.
Objectives:  at the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:

talk about the professions .
use thematically vocabulary in oral speech.
develop their speaking and listening skills.
evaluate their own participation at the lesson.
use the Present Simple tense in their speech

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