The Power of Humour слайд,презентация – Шет тілі


The Power of Humour слайд,презентация

The aims: 
The developing aim:   to develop pupils’ speaking, writing, listening, reading skills   and  habits 
To upbringing aim:   to increase  their interests for science and technology, to help them to be an active in class
The educational aim:   to develop  their pronunciation

I. The Organization moment

Good morning, Good morning! Good morning, to you
Good morning our teachers
We are glad to see you!!!

Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
What date is it today? What day is it today? .Let’s begin our lesson.
Today is ……. It is …….
II. Vocabulary
    Heart  – жүрек
    Humour  – юмор
    To laugh  – күлу
    To make funny sculptures
    Jokes – әзілдер
    To watch funny films –қызықты     фильмдер көру
    Silly  things 

Write new words  on your vocabulary

III New lesson
Today we have very interesting text which calls “The Power of Humour.”
An old saying goes laughter is the best medicine and doctors have found that its really true. They don’t know why, but laughter is good for our heart, our blood circulation, and our immune system. So the next time your feeling stressed  about your school work, you know what you have to do, try to laugh a lot, develop a sense of humour

Рахмет ретінде жарнамалардың біреуін басуды сұраймын!