Star’s career слайд,презентация – Шет тілі


Star’s career слайд,презентация

Theme : “Star’s career “

Aims of the lesson :

To develop pupils habits and  skills in listening , speaking , reading , writing , to check their understanding . 
To develop grammar  “Past simple” . 
To enrich pupils knowledge about  favorite  persons . 

The method of the lesson : Group work . 

The type  of the lesson : combining . 

Aids of the lesson : Slides of multimedia pictures . 

Connections with other subjects : Russian , Kazakh  

Plan of the lesson .
 I. Organization moment . 
 II. Introducing the students with the aims . 
 III. Presentation of the new material , 
IV. Consolidation of the lesson . 
 V. Conclusion .

Procedure of the lesson . 
 a. Greetings 
 b. Duty’s  report 
 c. Checking absence 
Today we have demonstrative lesson the theme of our lesson star’s career . 
What’s the star ? I think is in the sky . There are many stars in the sky . To my mind star is singer  and dancer . We have known what is a star ?

Рахмет ретінде жарнамалардың біреуін басуды сұраймын!