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Sport in Kazakhstan слайд,презентация

1. Talking and asking  about sport in Kazakhstan
2. Training reading and speaking drills, doing different tasks
3. To develop the knowledge of pupils reading and speaking skills
Sports                a. importance
National            b. pool
Compulsory                c. games
Swimming            d. sport
Olympic            e. fan
Kinds of            f. hockey
Ice                g. skating
Figure                h. subject

Skier Alexey Poltoranin has won the mass start race for 30 km and won another gold medal for Kazakhstan. After the finish he told about uneasy race with Yoshiko Keisin: – Our aim was to win the gold. From the beginning of the race we worked in pair with Cherepanov in order to fulfill the plan. The Japanese was leading almost during the entire race and only in 3-4 km till the finish we could outrun him and broke away. And when the Japanese skier was behind I focused on the race with my team mate and was a bit more lucky. INFO Kazakhstan skier Sergey Cherepanov lost half a second to his team mate Alexey Poltoranin in the 30 km mass start classic. However it did not make Cherepanov upset: “Alexey I were working together for one goal. When practicing we often exercised the elements of team race therefore we understand each other very well. The race was incredible. I am content with the silver because the gold will remain in Kazakhstan. We had no right for loss today as long as so many people came to cheer for us». INFO
Skier Elena Kolomina, Kazakhstan, has won silver in the mass start and is not upset about the second place: – We were feeling a little tired before the start. The week has not been easy.  I feel like being back home with my family. Despite that we fought for gold till the end. But luck was out. – Did the skis let you down this time? – Yesterday and today we haven’t had any problems with them.  In think on whole the Kazakhstan team showed excellent performance in the Asian Games. Special thanks to spectators who cheered for us. I will never forget these Asian Games.

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