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Sightseeing слайд,презентация

* Повторить глагол To be в  Present SimpleTense; 
* научиться употреблять по смыслу новые слова в предложениях
* развивать чтение, память, произношение, переводческие навыки
* способствовать воспитанию патриотизма, культуры двух стран.

Swan swam over the sea,
Swim, swan, swim.
Swan swam back again.
Well swum, swan!
A fly and flea 
    Flew into a flue,
     Said the fly to the flea
     ‘What shall we do?’
     ‘Let us fly’ said the flea
     Said the fly ‘shall we flee’
     So they flew through a flaw in the                           flue.

Exercise 6,p. 20- are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.
Dmitry went to Moscow. 
 He got there by plane and by train. 
He went there with his parents. 
He spent three weeks. 
He had a bad holiday. 
The weather was awful. 

Statue- памятник
Underground- Метрополь
Cottage -коттедж
Car park- автостоянка

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