Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond p.120 – Ағылшын тілі – Bilim


Greetings: W

  • Good morning, dear children! Sit down!
  • Who is on duty today?
  • What date is it today?
  • Who is absent today?
  • What’s the weather like today?
  • How do you do?
  •  I hope that you are fine!
  • Are you ready for this lesson? That’s great!

Teacher greets learners and congratulates the class on the beginning of the 3rd term. Then, teacher hands out stickers and asks learners to write a compliment to a peer. Learners write wishes and nice words to each other, so learners collaborate and create a friendly atmosphere.

Teaching activity: Help for learners if they need and check their creative tasks and to learn it themselves.

  • Learners activity: learners read and understand the stories. Answer the following questions. Do the level of tasks. To rate thinking ideas of the theme.
  • To operate principle of the learners: Develop themselves of principle , score the level of themselves
  • Learning resources: Different activities on developing listening, speaking, use of English and reading skills about Jobs and work.

Warm –up (3-4 minutes)

Books closed. Ask students what they know about the Sherlock Holmes stories. Write their ideas on the board and include these details:

  • Sherlock Holmes is a private detective
  • Dr Watson is his assistant
  • They solve crimes in London at the end of the 19th century.

Famous stories include Hound of Baskervilles and Sign of Four.

I.The blog of Information

1. Do you read different stories?

2. Who is the Sherlock Holmes?

3. What writers do you know?

4. Listen and repeat the new words





II. The blog of logical tasks

What can you see at this pictures?

III. The blog of practice and take the note of knowledge.


Pre-Teaching W

Exercise 1. Read the story sections 1-8. Then match them to the pictures A-G. Tell students to look at the pictures and make a list of things they can see. Start the list by writing these items on the board: a goose, a blue diamond, an advertisement. Go through the pictures with students identifying the main elements, e.g. picture A – goose, man wearing a suit etc.

1. Holmes and Watson go to The Alpha and talk to Mr Windigate.

2. Mr Peterson finds a blue diamond inside the tall man’s goose.

3. Someone’s steals the countess of Morcar’s blue diamond from her rooms in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

4. Mr Peterson goes to see Cherlock Holmes

5. A tall man with a hat is walkng with a goose over his shoulder.

Answers:   1.E                       3.F                5.C           7.D

                    2 . H                    4.G                 6.A          8.B


1.James Rider tells Homes that he stole the diamond

2. Holmes and Watson talk to the man from Mr Breckinridge’s shop.

Ex 2.  Look at the story sections again. Which section do you think is the start of the story? Which section do you think is the end of the story?


1.The start of the story is section 3 – the blue diamond is missing.

2. The end of the story is section 6 – Ryder admits he stole it.


1. At Mr Breckinridge’s shop , Holmes and Watson see a man there.

Ex 3. How do you think the story develops? Read  the sections again and put them in order  to make the story. Go through the answers. Ask stronger students to explain the order by referring to the story development and use of  ‘a’ and ‘the’.


1.section 3            5.section 1

2.section 5            6.section 8

3.section 2            7.section 7

4.section 4            8.section 6

Talk about it

Ex 4. Think about the story sections again. Use the pictures on page 52 and the words in the boxes to tell the story to your partner. Put students in pairs. Give students time to make a note of who the people are, what happened at each place, and events related to the verbs and nouns.

IV. The blog of Intellectual training

Where was the blue diamond found?

V.The blog of Conclusion

If you are Sherlock Holmes what will you do?

Ex 5. Look at the picture of  James Ryder and answer the question. Ask students what James Ryder did in the story and what stage of the  story is shown in the picture.

Possible answer:

 James Ryder is talking to Sherlock Holmes and looks sad because he regrets that he stole the diamond and then lost it.

Ex 6. 3.22 Listen to James Ryder talk about his story. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. Answers:

  1. Horner
  2. Sister’s
  3. Maudsley
  4. Geese
  5. Black
  6. Maudsley’s
  7. Didn’t find
  8. Two
  9. Would not
  10. Terrible

Ex 7. Now listen to the end of the story. Do you like  the ending? Is it surprising? Discuss the ending with students.

Ex 8. Write a different ending to the story. Use one of options below or your own ideas. Give the class five to ten minutes to complete  their versions of the ending. Circulate and monitor. Help weaker students where necessary.

Talk about it

 Ex 9. Ask and answer the questions with your partner.

Make a note of  the students’ comments and use them for a whole class discussion at the end.

Homework. Ex 8 p 121 Open your diaries and write.

Write a different ending to the story

I hope the lesson was interesting and useful for you.

What have you learnt today?          

Our lesson is over. All of you did a good job. Thank you and good bye!