School problems слайд,презентация – Шет тілі – Презентация на казахском языке – Қазақша презентация


School problems слайд,презентация

Procedure of  the lesson
I. Organization moment
II. Checking up the homework
III. Brainstorming
IY. Graphical dictation
Y. Association
VI. New lesson
Work with  the text
True or false
– Complete the sentences
Writing a test
YI. Giving home work
VII. Giving marks
YIII. The end of the lesson
Vocabulary and pronunciation.
Court – сарай, назар аудару
Judge-төреші, қазы
Proceedings – сотқа жататын іс
Thoroughly- толық, мүлде 
Justice- әділеттілік
Fairly- әділ
Apply- қолдану, өтініш беру

          Complete the sentences
Some schools have special _____
2. A person who work at school ____
3. The school year begins_____
4. My favorite subject is ___
5. Students  often don’t like their ___
6.___ are very expensive in England

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