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Royal Family слайд,презентация

Type: travelling  lesson
Method: explaining,  
Visual aids: booklets, 
            a map of the UK, 
            interactive board,  
         pictures and cards.
Interaction: Geography,               
                 History, Music.
AIMS: 1. DEVELOPING OF READING, SPEAKING AND A STOCK OF VOCABULARY. 2. DEVELOPING STUDENTS’ UP-TO-DAY ENGLISH. 3. TO BRING UP STUDENTS TO RESPECT ENGLISH TRADITIONS. SAY  IF THE FOLLOWING  STATEMENTS  ARE  TRUE (T) OR  FALSE (F): 1. WINDSOR CASTLE IS AN OFFICIAL RESIDENCE OF THE QUEEN AND THE LARGEST CASTLE IN THE WORLD. 2.  NOW THE CASTLE IS A DISCO BAR TODAY. 3.  WINDSOR CASTLE IS A ROYAL PALACE AND FORTRESS FOR OVER 900 YEARS. 4.  THE PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE IS IN WALES. 5.  THE QUEEN HAS NEVER BEEN IN BALMORAL CASTLE. 6.  BUCKINGHAM PALACE HAS 500 ROOMS. 7.  BUCKINGHAM PALACE WAS BUILT IN 1703 BY JOHN SHEFFIELD, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM.Answer the questions: 1. Who is the Queen of the UK? 2. How is the Queen called? 3. When was the Queen born? 4. How many children have she?Complete the sentences: 1. _________ has served as the official London Residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837. 2. Today it is ________ official Residence. 3. _________ in Norfolk is the Queen’s only private Residence in England. 4. ________, the Queen’s private home is in the Scottish Highlands.

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