Revision lesson слайд,презентация – Шет тілі – Презентация на казахском языке – Қазақша презентация


Revision lesson слайд,презентация

The theme our lesson  will be   “Revision lesson”
The aims of the lesson:
To review all learnt  materials by doing exercises.
To develop pupils’ abilities in reading, writing and speaking.
To speak about colours and learn by heart.
Type of the Lesson: untradition , answer-question, practical, listening, work in pairs and work in group relation with other subject: Kazakh, Russia 
Visual aids- interactive board, word cards a CD, video.
Literature :  T.T  Ayapova, D. Ukbaev
Grammar materials: -What’s that?  what’s this?  That, this, these, those.
Stages of the lesson.

Organization moment.
Phonetic drill.
Checking hometask.
Answer  the questions.
Revision of  the grammar materials.
Game: What  colour do you Know?
Word cards.
Concluding stage.

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