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Each of us has a dream. But with age, it changes. Remember how many girls in their childhood dreamed of becoming artists, ballerinas, singers, and many boys wanted to fly into space, to become president. In some, this desire has become stronger and has become a goal, while others with a smile recall these childhood dreams.

My dream of  becoming a journalist has become a goal. With this profession I decided to link my future. Why do I prefer it to her?  I’ll try to answer in my article.

The profession of a journalist, at first sight, seems interesting and exciting. You, with a microphone, a notebook, a voice recorder in your hands and a big bag on your shoulder, go into any door, ask interesting questions to interesting people and speak monologues in front of the camera. Or, as I imagined the fate of a newspaper journalist: at least half of the materials in the room are signed by your name, and in two or three years you will certainly be waiting for the editor’s chair and universal recognition. But in reality everything is not so rosy.

Journalism is a very relevant and necessary specialty. In our impetuous age, no one can exist without information, and the information is made by a journalist. Its activity consists in its collection, processing and delivery to the reader. This is what I want to do.

It is impossible not to say about the qualities that a journalist must possess. Mobility, efficiency, sociability, erudition. A journalist gets used to the rhythm and pace of events as an actor gets used to the role. Only the actor gets used to the time, and the journalist is forever. To be able to locate yourself and develop a conversation with an interlocutor is one of the important qualities of a journalist. Without this, no interview will succeed. You also need to understand the psychology of people, be observant, because among the watermelons you need to notice the grapes. The audience, as a rule, is very capricious, it needs a special approach. How much does a journalist need to know?

One of the most important qualities of this profession is perseverance and purposefulness. I also would like to develop these qualities in myself. That is, I choose this profession also because I wish personal growth.

I would very much like to see my dream come true. I hope that my work will appeal not only to me, but also to the people for whose sake I will write, to create stories. I will try to present the information as competently as possible, so that it corresponds to reality, not distorted under any pretext. After all, it is for this that true journalists are valued, true professionals of their business, who managed to achieve considerable heights in this area.

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