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Present Perfect Tense (open lesson) слайд,презентация



Checking up the home task: 
   To write your plan using 
the grammar 
“Present Perfect Tense”

Fill in the words “pig, frog, sheep, to bark” to make a poem.
Have you ever seen a dog
Who got married to a …
Have you ever seen a …
Who was fit and slim as Twiggy?
Have you ever seen a …
That spoke English in its sleep?
    Have you ever seen a lark
    Teaching puppies how …
 to revise and practice grammar  material Present Perfect Tense, to notice how word  order changes in affirmative, negative and question forms, to enlarge students’ vocabulary, to motivate self-study and group work.

Doing exercises:
Make up sentences use the Present Perfect Tense
I (do) my homework.
He (see) this film.
They (buy) a new car.
She (leave) for London.
You (meet)my friend?
He (send) a letter?
We (not be) to Moscow.

If we are highly educated,
we will become a developed and competitive country

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