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Present Perfect Continuous (open lesson) слайд,презентация

Practical aims: 
    to review last lexics;
    to develop habits of reading & speaking; 
    to  educated pupils interest in learning English. 

Cog native aims: to develop children’s knowledge.
1. You buy it, if you want to go by bus, or by plane, or by car. (a ticket) 
2. A grey animal, likes cheese, but it’s bigger than a mouse. (a rat) 
3. A means of transport which you can see at the railway station. (a train) 
4. Tomato, cucumbers are… (vegetables) 
5. Name the antonym to the world “old”. (new) 
6. I’s a sour yellow fruit. (a lemon) 
7. What can birds and planes do, but people can’t? (to fly) 
8. Where can you see a lot of planes? (an airport) 
9. What do monkeys like to eat? (bananas) 
10. Football, tennis are… (games) 
Present Perfect Continuous дегеніміз белгілі бір уақытта басталып және әлі де жалғасып келе жатқан шақты айтамыз. Оның көмекші етістіктері 
have / has been  v+ ing. 
“Have” – I жақта қолданылады, 
ал “has” – III жақта қолданылады.
  I  жақ                                          III жақ
I have                                             He has
You have                                       She has
We have                                        It has
They have

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