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Present Continuous Tense слайд,презентация



    1,2,3,4   I am standing on the floor
    1,2,3,4   He is going to the door
    1,2,3,4   You are washing the floor
    1,2,3,4    We are painting the door.

Standing,  going, washing,  painting, speaking,  wearing, waiting,  coming,  talking, meeting. 

Put  am, is, are into the sentences:
I…. eating a cake now. 

Jane …. playing the computer.

The children …. sleeping.

Mike ….  writing now.

Kate …  dancing.

Finn! Where are you?
I’m standing under the clock near platform four. What are you doing?
I’m waiting  for you, of course! I’m at the end of platform nine.
OK. Stay there. Don’t move. I’m coming. 
Are you wearing a red T-shirt?
Yes, I am. 
I can see you now.
Hi, Lisa! Welcome to London. 

Hey! Hey! I’m not smiling. 
I’m waiting for my friends.
I’m sitting on the wall.
I’m listening to hip-hop. 
I’m not smiling I’m bored.
Just watching all the people while they’re walking and they’re talking.  
Hey! Hey! I’m not smiling. 
She’s standing on the corner.
I don’t think that I know her.
She’s drinking cool cola.
Is she waiting for someone?
Hey! Hey! She’s looking at me. 
Hey! Hey! She’s smiling  at me. 
Hey! I’m smiling now. ! I’m smiling now.



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