Олимпиадалық тапсырмалар: Ағылшын тілі (8 сынып)


Олимпиадалық тапсырмалар: Ағылшын тілі (8 сынып) казакша Олимпиадалық тапсырмалар: Ағылшын тілі (8 сынып) на казахском языке


The test takes about 10 minutes for a pair of students and consists of three parts: introduction, monologue and dialogue.

Speaking test is designed to elicit a wide range of spontaneous speaking skills from participants. A pair of students is given a random speaking test straight before the examination.

In this section, participants are examined by two examiners. Pronunciation, Fluency and Coherence, Lexical and Grammar Resource are the assessment criteria. Participants are assessed on their use of appropriate language and interactive strategies, not on their ideas


The test begins with a general conversation led by the examiner, who asks the students questions about their personal details, daily routines, likes and dislikes, etc.

Participants are addressed in turn and are not expected to talk to each other at this stage.

No speaking card is given to students.


In this part, each participant in turn is given a picture (a set of pictures) to talk about. Participants should be encouraged to talk about the setting, people and activities as well as to introduce their own ideas on the theme if they wish.


In this part, the two participants interact with each other. The examiner describes a situation to the participants, in response to which they are required to make suggestions, discuss alternatives, state preferences, etc.

A visual prompt may be given to help stimulate ideas for their discussion.

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