My music – Ағылшын тілі – Bilim


·  Understand the meaning of new adjectives and use them in sentences to describe different music orally / in written form (with peer/teacher support)

·  Read the text and give basic answers orallyMost learners will be able to:

·  Understand the meaning of new adjectives and use them in sentences to describe different music orally / in written form (with slight peer/teacher support)

·  Read the text and give well-developed answers orallySome learners will be able to:

·  Understand the meaning of new adjectives and use them in sentences to describe different music orally / in written form (independently)Read the text and give extended answers orally

Beginning5 minutes


·  Hello, how are you? How is your mood today?Inform learners that they are going to watch a video and then they must tell what this video is about. After learners sayingteacher says that this is today’s theme. Then teacher writes on the blackboard date and theme of the lesson. Types of musicWhat is your favorite song? Why do you like it?Write the following on the side of the board:

·  I can learn new adjectives to describe music and songs

·  I can use these adjectives to make sentences about music and songsThe teacher can then ask if the leaners understand the lesson objectives. Tell students that you hope they can do all the lesson objectives by the end of the lesson

PPP slides 1-3Video- 1_Versionabout music


30 minutes

Presentation. Speaking

·  Inform leaners they’re going to learn some new adjectives today so that to be able to describe different types of music and songs

·  Go through PPT slides 4-11 as a class – show the picture first, and see if students have ideas with some prompting as to what the word may be (to elicit prior knowledge)

·  Drill pronunciation and get the meaning of these new adjectives (differentiation by task – teacher may encourage stronger students to give synonyms to words or try to explain their meaning using some basic language)

·  All of the students repeat after teacher or some students(less able students), or individual learners and so on…Practice Reading / Speaking

·  Show slide 12, inform students that they must read and learn by heart these words, and say that you’re going to give them only 1 or 2 minute.Then teacher says that they are going to play a game “Touch with your hands”. (Teacher hang out on the blackboard new words, and must say words then students must find these words and touch it with their hands.) (Teacher gives “magic bracelets” who finds all of the words correctly).

·  Practice. ReadingPre reading task:Work with new wordsCatchy ModernDescribeTo my mindReading task :Read the text and underline all verbs in Present Simple. After reading task:) Answer the questions:

·  What Kazakh song does Max like?

·  How does Max describe this song?

·  Why does Max like this song?Listening Pre – listening taskInform leaners they are going to listen to a part of the song and try to describe it using new adjectivesfast /slow/ catchy/ boring/ modern/ not modern/ loud/ soft(differentiation by support – model an example if need be)Listening task Listening to the song and After – listening task:

·  Show slide 15 of the PPT, go through the questions as a class:1. Do you like this song? 2. Why/why not? (Is it fast /slow/ catchy/ boring/ modern/ not modern/ loud/ soft?)3. Can you dance to it or not? 4. What instruments has the song got?Writing Inform learners they are going to write their favorite songs to the stickers and then put these stickers inside of the “Magic Box”. (teacher gives students stickers)Feedback: Teacher encourages and increases fluency, checks the process error correction Then teacher asks question: “What kind of musical instruments did you learn in last lesson?”Then teacher inform they are going to do puzzles. Then students sing a song “It’s a green day”.After singing teacher inform that they are a going to play the game “What is it?” (Students stands in a circle, teacher must give them papers with new words(words that are learned in today’s lesson) then they must send it to each other quickly. After saying “stop” they must say what it is.

PPP slides 4-11

PPP slide 12,13DIDACTIC MATERIAL 1,2 (new words papers)

Colorful “brag Bracelets”

PPP slide 14

Didactic material 3 (text about Max)

PPP slide 15

PPP slide 16, box

PPP slide 17,18, poster of musical instruments, “Smiles” book’s CD disk (it’s a Green day song)

Papers with words


Reflect, Revisit Learning Goals & Check with Questions

·  Have the teacher helper re-read the learning goals for the day

·  Ask leaners the mini thinking/reflection questions

·  Ask leaners to reflect on if they feel they have achieved the learning goals & what they liked/didn’t like about the lesson

PPP slide 19,20

ReflectionWere the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic? Did all learners achieve the LO? If not, why?Did my planned differentiation work well? Did I stick to timings? What changes did I make from my plan and why?

The lesson objectives, learning objectives were realistic. All learners achieved the Lesson objectives. I think my planned differentiation worked well…I stuck to timings.

Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?1: To teach students new adjectives and using it to make sentences;

2: respond to questions on a limited range of general and some curricular topics;

What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?1: Practice: writing time

2: Reading time

What have I learned from this lesson about the class or achievements/difficulties of individuals that will inform my next lesson?I have learned about writing times from this lesson, especially when students wrote their favourite song, I didn’t say to read their favourite songs, I said only to write and then put it into the box, after this lesson I think that I must ask questions and so on.