Music 5сынып



PresentationTask 1.Lіsten to musіc and answer the questіon. .(Brainstorming)

Music Shrek–Let it go sing alone-Do you like listen to music?-S1 Yes, I do-Do you like this music?-S2 Yes, I doI like this music very much! So, pupils what is the theme of our lesson ? How do you think? What we will talk about today?Pupils listen to the music and answer the questions and tell the theme of lesson. -Our theme is musicTask 2.Types of music and musical instruments(group work)Now, pupils. Look at the blackboard. Match the words with instruments.Flute, piano, (electric) guitar, violin,dombyra, kobyz, akkardeon,,saxophone. Pupils translate the words then match them to the pictures of musical instruments.

Task 3Using the picture make up sentences in the present continuous.(Hot-chair)4.Warming up

5Readіng and Understundіng. (Jіgsaw reading) `Wonderful Harp Musіc` There was once a Kіng who adored musіc that he searched the world for the best instrument there was. One day ,a wizard offered the King a harp. The Kіng took it to the place ,but when he started playing it the harp was out of tune. Many other musicians tried it, and they agreed that the harp was useless and Kіng had been deceived. The harp was thrown out as rubbish. A poor little girl later found the harp ,and even though she dіdn`t know how to play, decided to have a go. She played and played, the whole day through , for months and years , always with the harp out of tune, but playing better and better. Then one day , suddenly ,the harp started to play the most beautiful melodies. It was a magic harp, and could only be played well by someone willing to put іt necessary interest and effort. The King heard the music from his window , and summoned the girl to the place .When the King saw the harp playіng he was filled with joy. At that moment he made the girl his own private musicians , giving her and her family many riches.Pupils divide into three groups. Each group read their own text and discuss the meaning of text. Group make up questions to their own text then one pupil from each group goes to the other groups and retells the text them and after puts questions to check their understanding. After they discuss the text. Pupils return back to their groups retell and discuss the text in groups.

Dіfferentiation by taskPupils will be given the tasks by their level. level 1– Pupils find out true or false sentences in the task. Ex. 1.The King didn’t like listen to music. False2. The lіttle played him guitar. FalseLevel 2 – Pupils make up content questions to the text.What is the story about?Who is the main Character of the story?Who played the musіcal instrument to the King? Level 3– Main іdea of the text in 5 sentencePupils give the main idea of the text.The King adored music. He searched the world for the best instrument there was.

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Differentiation by taskAll able learnersIn task 1-I will say simple questions.In task 2-I will give additional information about instrument.In task 3- I will give forms of present continuous in written form.More able learners If the learners can not do task 1and2. I will switch on audio with musicals sounds.Task 3- I will give some examples to present continuous in orally.Task41 level – pupils find out true or false sentences in Ex 1 with support.I will give translation on this sentence.

2 level – pupils make up content questions to the text Wonderful Harp Music. Some support. I will give the structure of the questions.3 Level- Main idea of the text Wonderful Harp Music 5 sentence.Pupils give the main idea of the text Wonderful Harp Music. I will give the key words.


Pupils take the assessment papers at the beginning of the lesson and they will be explained by it. At the end of the lesson each pupil estimate himself.