London, ағылшын тілінен күнделікті жоспар

Ағылшын тілі 9 сынып
Theme: London
Aims of the lesson:
Educational: To enlarge pupil’s knowledge about types of transport, give information about London double – decker bus.
Development: To develop pupils critical thinking skills, perception, logic, creativeness.
Upbringing: To bring up pupils to work in group, respect each other.
Type of lesson: Assimilation new material
Form of the lesson: Travelling lesson
The methods of teaching: brainstorming, group work, ask – answer questions, explain.
Visual aids: pictures, cards, activboard, activinspire
Stages of work:
I. Organizational moment
II. Checking home task
III. Introducing with new theme
IV. Conclusion
V. Reflection
VI. Giving home task. Giving marks.

I. – Good morning pupils!
– How are you?
– Who is on duty today?
– What date is it today?
– What day of the week is it today?
– Who is absent?
– Thank you sit down please.

II. Let’s check your home task.
a) Ex. 11
Good thank you
In order to know our new lesson’s theme you’ll guess it using the multiplication table
Pupils, tell me please how many groups we can divide transport into?
What are they? Name them: transport in air, on water, on land and underground transport.
Now I want to devide you into three groups. I’ll give you piece of paper and you must write what is your favourite subject is? On the next side you see the picture of 2 cities and some of you have a empty paper it means that you are the 3 team.

III. New theme
When somebody says “London” what do you think of?
Old buildings? Tower bridge? London eye? The River Thames? Big Ben? Red telephone boxes?
Today we are going to talk about transport in London. Open your books exercise 1 page number 119. Read and translate the text.
Thanks good job.
Now let’s the short video about London
Now today we will travel around the London With double decker bus. I’m as your conducter will gives you tickets with the tasks. For each your answer I give you 1 point as a picture of double decker bus. The first bus station is Big Ben.
What is the difference between…
Conducter and conductress
Conducter and conductress
Single – decker and duble – decker
Bus and coach
The second bus station is Trafalgar squere.
Make sentence.
The person ______________________________ is a bus driver.
The man ________________________________ is an inspector.
The bus ____________________________________ called a coach.
The third bus station is Buckingham palace.

Describe and give information about this picture.
Oxford university
London жүктеу