Let’s measure, урок по английскому языку

Theme: Let’s measure
Level and number of learners/ class profile Beginner level
Timetable fit: Learners know how to describe his/her toy;
Main aim(s): To teach the new words: a big elephant and a small mouse;
To describe facial features
Subsidiary aims: To talk about size;
Assumptions: Learners can say what something has;
Anticipated problem: While answering to the questions according to the dialogue learners may have problems in understanding;
Possible solution: To say in mother tongue;

A pair of pupils come to the board. One pupil names a part of the face and the other touches the corresponding part on his/her own face.

Pupils come to the blackboard with their toys one by one and name, describe face parts of them.
Let’s measure жүктеу

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