Expressing interest p.56 – Ағылшын тілі – Bilim


At the beginning of the lesson, teacher greets the pupils and divides into two groups by numbers. T: Pupils, make a circle and divide into two groups choosing cards with the names of I group and II group   .

T: Ok, children sit seats by your chosen cards.

Organization moment:

T: Good morning children!

S: Good morning teacher!

T: How are you today?

T: Who is on duty today?

T: Who is absent today?

Let’s check your homework. Open your copybooks and I will look. Who is not ready for today? Your home task was:   WB p.41

Brainstorming:  warm-up (2-3min)

Ask students to tell something interesting that they did last summer. Respond with interest, for example, by saying Really? Or You’re kidding! Ask the class what you are doing and elicit that you are showing you are interested.

The main part of the lesson
Vocabulary practice:

T: OK. Now let’s write a dictation. All of you read these words at our last lesson and some of them you have already known. Repeat the words. You have 1 minute. Open your copybooks and write down the date and the word «Dictation»

T: We continue our work.

Ex 1. What are Shaun and Leah looking at? What do you think they are saying?

Descriptor: look at the photo and ask students for their ideas.

Answers:  they are looking at a photo of a skateboard doing tricks.

T: Time is over. I want you to with me an exercise on the blackboard.

Write down all sentences from the blackboard and put the correct word

into the sentences below. (5 мин)

 Method “Check up  yourself”

T: Now open your books on page 56 ex.2.  2.06 cover the dialogue and listen. Did Shaun try skateboarding?

Descriptor:  for this  activity, the aim is for students to just listen before they read the dialogue.

Answers: no, he didn’t .

Open your vocabularies and write down the new words.

Write new words vocabulary.

Madrid, skateboarder, jump, saw, tricks, can.

Ex 3. 2.07 cover the dialogue and complete the key phrases. Listen, read and check. Practise the intonation of the key phrases. How do we use intonation to show surprise. Answers:

  1. Amazing
  2. Kidding
  3. Well
  4. Very kind

We stress words to show interest.

Ex 4. Invent five amazing experiences. Use the ideas in the box and your own ideas. Compare your ideas with a partner. Remember to use intonation to show surprise.

Answers:  students own answers.

Ex 5.  Look at the photo of the diver. Replace the phrases in blue in the dialogue with phrases a-f. Practise a dialogue about the diver with your partner.  Look at the photo with the class and ask students to describe what is happening. Answers:

  1. A
  2. F
  3. C
  4. E
  5. D
  6. B