Денсаулық – зор байлық туралы ағылшынша слайд, презентация


Денсаулық – зор байлық туралы ағылшынша слайд, презентация

Денсаулық – зор байлық

The theme of the lesson: Health habits

The aim of the lesson: 
         a) educational: To develop new lexical material, repeating passed grammar material
        b) developing: To develop memory, logical thinking and developing creative work with new technologies, to provide an opportunity of free speaking. 
        c) bringing up: To make an interest to the subject, to teach to work creatively, in group.
Type of the lesson: Integration lesson

Aids of the lesson: Cards with sentences, pictures of bad and good       
                        habits of health

The form of the lesson: Work in pairs, in groups

Connection with other subjects: Biology, HWL, chemistry, industrial 
                       lesson, languages.
      it is very useful for us. Nowadays our life is too dynamic and nervous and so sport helps to relax. For example, jogging is good for your heart, swimming is good for your arms, cycling is good for your legs and so on. 
    it helps you to avoid colds. Air your room for 15 minutes every day. If you have allergy do it twice a day with wet cleaning of your flat.
    you should do it every day. It makes you feel clean, better and healthier. If you are nervous take a warm bath. A warm bath or shower helps you to sleep. This is so hygienic and pleasant.

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