CLIL: Technology: The internet – wikis.

Term 1 Unit 2″Daily life and shopping»School: Date:___. ___.2018Teacher’s name: Grade 8 __Number present:Number absent:Theme of the lesson:CLIL: Technology: The internet – wikis.Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to8.S7 use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a range of general topics, and some curricular topics8.R1 understand the main points in texts on a growing range of unfamiliar general and curricular topics, including some extended texts8.W1 plan, write, edit and proofread work at text level with little support on a range of general and curricular topicsLesson objectives All learners will be able to:
  • Recognize and use vocabulary about the internet and wikis.
  • Identify the meaning of the text about wikis and Wikipedia.
  • Understand the general writing structure.
  • Most learners will be able to:
  • Create a wiki with minimal support.
  • Some learners will be able to:
  • Create a wiki without support.
  • Value linksTechnology literacy.Crosscurricular linksInformation technology. Previous learningShopping in Kazakhstan.Useof ICTSmart board for showing a presentation, getting additional information, playing the audio files.Intercultural awarenessLearners share and compare internet usage in Kazakhstan and other cultures.Health and SafetyBreaks and physical activities used. PlanPlanned timingsPlanned activitiesResourcesBeginning the lessonThe lesson greeting.The teacher sets the lesson objectives, letting students know what to anticipate from the lesson.Warm up. Free talk.

  • Where do you look if you want to find information?
  • What types of website do you go to for information?
  • Do you use Wikipedia?
  • Do you believe all the information you find on Wikipedia?
  • Main ActivitiesEx.1 p.29. Conveying the meaning of new words. Use of dictionaries.Ex.2 p.29. Skimming.Matching headings with paragraphs.Answers:Paragraph A – 4Paragraph B – 1Paragraph C – 3Ex.3 p.29. Detailed reading. Comprehension questions.Answers:

  • ‘Wiki’is the Hawaiian word for’quick’.
  • Making changes that are wrong or offensive.
  • Nupedia is written by experts, but Wikipedia is written by ordinary people.
  • Wikipedia became an independent website.
  • There are no limits to the topics it covers. It contains information about the very latest things such as recent news events or advances in technology.
  • Because anyone can write and edit it.
  • Ex.4 p.29. Writing practice.


    Ending the lessonGiving the hometask.Create a wiki.Peer-assessment. End1minFeedback: Teacher asks students what task was difficult to them and which pair worked well. AdditionalinformationDifferentiation –how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?Assessment –how are you planning to check learners’learning?Critical thinkingDifferentiation can be achieved through the selection of activities, identification of learning outcomes for a certain student, provision of individual support to learners, selection of learning materials and resources based on the individual abilities of learners.Assessment criteria:

  • Apply topic related vocabulary in speech appropriately arranging words and phrases into well-formed sentences.
  • Identify the main idea of text on unfamiliar and curricular topics.
  • Make a clear plan of writing; Create a wiki; Check the written draft.
  • Descriptor:A learner:

  • chooses the right answer.
  • writes an appropriateinformation;
  • writes and edits the work.
  • Observation
  • Feedback on the work
  • Peer-assessment
  • Students think critically, exploring, developing, evaluating and making choices about their own and others’ ideas