Ағылшын тілі апталығының жоспары


Ағылшын тілі апталығының жоспары

Автор: Мулдашева Гулайша Тиллабаевна

Бағыты: Шет тілі Бөлімі: Басқа Сыныбы: Басқа

Жарияланған уақыты: 2019-01-28

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Ағылшын тілі апталығының жоспары

« Бекітемін » Мектеп директоры О.Усенов Ағылшын тілі апталығының жоспары

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Мулдашева Г.Т.

The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы“The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы– Good afternoon dear guests, teachers and students. Welcome to our intellectual show “ Leader of the XXI century”!Қайырлы күн құрметті ұстаздар оқушылар! 21 ғасыр көшбасшысы атты интеллектуалды ойынымызға қош келдіңіздер!Well, we begin our game and I am glad to introduce the participants of our intellectual show.We are glad to see all of you and hope you will enjoy our game. Before our competition let’s invite our judges. They will give you marks for the competition. Our jury consists of the following teachers Бүгінгі сайысымызТапқыр болсаң озып көрдеп аталады.Our competitions consists four of parts:

Theme: “Leader in English” Aims: To enrich the pupils speech practices using grammar and Vocabulary.To develop the pupils speaking habits in English.To develop their activitiesTo bring them no to be friendly.Visual aids: Cards, pictures, slides, balls.The Plan of the lessonI. In the world of English GrammarII. Who is quicker?III. Polyglot?IV. English speaking countriesV. Who is the best?VI. JobsGood morning, dear teacher, pupils and guests?You are welcome to our open lesson. Today we ‘II have an unusual lesson. And today we 7/ define the best leader in English, that’s why the theme of our lesson is “Leader in English”The quotation of our lesson is «the main thing is not to win but to take part»Pupils, I wish you good luck! Everyone will get a point for a correct answer in the competition and at the end of the party we ‘II see who the leader in English is. Now I will introduce you with the process of the game. Our game consists of six stages:I. In the world of English GrammarII. Who is quicker?III. Polyglot?IV. English speaking countriesV. Who is the best?VI. JobsNow, let’s begin the game, our first stage is. In the world English Grammar.There are some grammar tasks in the balls. You may choose one of them. Do them on the white board.1. 8. World around us Grammar. Activity 1(5p)2. English. Education. Grammar. Gerund. Test. (10p)3. English. Welcome to Kazakhstan. Grammar. Active, Passive Voice (15p)Task I4. English. Mass media Grammar. Reported speech. (20p)Task 3T: That’s right. Now, let’s count the points. Next stage is who is quicker?I will read you 15 questions and all answers will start with the letter A and В letter A.1. The name of the fruit (Apple)2. The name of the month (April)3. A part of the body (Arm)4 The name of the school subject (Algebra)5. The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)6. One of the oceans (Atlantic Ocean)7. The famous Kazakh writer (Abai)8. A funny story (Anecdote)9. A story in the newspaper (Article)10. A stupid animal (Ass )11. A mathematical turn (Axiom )12. The first letter of the alphabet (A) 13. lt is harmful for our health (Alcohol) 14. What cannot we live without?(Air)Letter В1. A Utile child (Baby )2. The name of the fruit (Banana)3. A part of the body (Back)4. The antonym to the nard «good » (Bad)5. An object in the classroom (blackboard)6. A kind of the dance (Ballet)7. The capital of the Germany (Berlin)8. The name of the school subject (Biology)9. A lake in Kazakhstan (Balhash)10. The room where we sleep (Bedroom)11. A person without money and a house (Beggar)12. Ann important day for all of us which happens once every year(Birthday)13. A color (Black)14. The member of the family (Brother)15. A clever friend of the man (Book)T: Let’s count your points.III. The next stage is Polyglot.I name the word, you must tell me proverbs with them, and translate them into Kazakh, into Russian.1. Art – өнерискусствоArt is long, life is short.Өнерлінің өрісі кең.Искусствовечно, жизнькоротка.2. A good beginning makes a good ending.Алдымен icтi тындырсаң, кім ұрсар сосын қыдырсаң.Делу время потехе час.3. Friend – досдругA friend in need is a friend indeed.Жақсы достың қадірін басыңа іс түскенде білерсің.4. Head – басголоваTwo heads are better than one.Келісіп пішілген тон келте болмас.Одна голова хорошо, две лучше.5. Ноте – үй – домThere is по place like home.Өз үйім – өлең төсегім.В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.6. LateкешпоздноBetter late than never.Ештен кеш жақсы.Лучше поздно, чем никогда.Lets count your points.IV. The next stage is English – speaking countries.I ‘ll give some questions you’ll swith on the light to answer.1. The capital of the USA? (Washington)2. On witch river is London situated?3. What is the before name of London?4. When did Christopher Columbus discover America? (1492)5. Who is the 43rd President of the USA? (Bush)6. What do people often call the American flag? (The stars and stripes)7. What do people often call the British flag?8. Which is the longest river in the USA?(Mississippi)9. Where is the statue of Liberty? (New York)10. The statue of the Liberty was a gift from… (France)11. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)12. What is the capital of the Scotland? (Edinburg)13. What is Big Ben? (a clock)14. Is Washington D. C. a state? (No)15. Who is the Prime Minister of England? (Tom Bayer)16. Who is the Queen of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland?17. Who is the nowadays President of the USA? (Baraka Obama)18. Who is the first President of the first President of the USA? (George Washington)19. What country is on the north of the USA? (Canada)20. What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)Now, let’s count your points.And there is one more task, who gathered fewer points will do it for 5 points. V. The next stage is «Who is the best?»Let’s speak about our country, about our town in Kazakh and Kazakh kuy.Let’s count your points.V. The next stage is Jobs. Let’s play the game «Guess my Job».T: Pupils, one of uou will go to the blackboard and other pupils ask you questions and will guess her job.Then she will speak about her future profession.– Do you have to get up early?– How many hours do you have to work a day?– Do you get a high salary?– Do you have to get your hands dirty?– Do you nave to study for a long time?– Do you work with people?– Do you travel a lot?– Do you have to write letters?– Do you have much responsibility?– Do you have work in a hospital? At school?Now, let’s tell please about your future job.Next task is on the blackboard. 15p.9 Кл. Personal Relationship, Vocabulary.T: That’s all. Our lesson is going to be over.Let’s count your points.It’s time to define our leaders.Our congratulations to you

The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы“The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы– Good afternoon dear guests, teachers and students. Welcome to our intellectual show “ Leader of the XXI century”!Қайырлы күн құрметті ұстаздар оқушылар! 21 ғасыр көшбасшысы атты интеллектуалды ойынымызға қош келдіңіздер!Well, we begin our game and I am glad to introduce the participants of our intellectual show.We are glad to see all of you and hope you will enjoy our game. Before our competition let’s invite our judges. They will give you marks for the competition. Our jury consists of the following teachers Бүгінгі сайысымызТапқыр болсаң озып көрдеп аталады.Our competitions consists four of parts:1. Baiga – Бәйге2. Do you know that? – не білесің?3. Polyglot – Полиглот4. “Grammar” – грамматикаThe first level is called “BAIGA”You should answer 16 questions. The first who raises the sign is going to answer. Each right answer brings you 10 points. So we begin.The 1st student1. Who wrote “sea wolf”?(Jack London)2. Which is the most popular British sport?(football)3. When did the Great Fire of London take place?(in 1666)4. What kinds of hard fruit grow well in many parts of Britain?(Apples and pears)5. What ocean separates Europe from the states?(the Atlantic Ocean)6. The 1st capital of our Republic (Kyzylorda)7. The President of the USA.(Barak Obama)8. The area of the UK is…?(244100sq km)The 2nd student1. How many letters are there in English alphabet?(26)2. What is the national flag of the USA called? (The Stars and Stripes)3. Who was the first woman Prime Minister in Britain?(M. Thatcher)4. What is the name given to the official residence of the President of the USA in Washington?(The White House)5.“Іздеусөзінің ағылшынша аудармасы(Look for)6. What kind of music first developed in New Orleans?(Jazz)7.“clean”сөзінің антонимі(dirty)8. What is the day of National Independence in the USA?(July 4)The 3rd student1. Which is the largest state in the USA?(Alaska)2. What animal is a symbol of the Us government?(the bald eagle)3. What is the nickname of the US government?(uncle Sam)4. What are the aboriginal people of New Zealand called?(Maoris)5. What type of footwear suggests the capital of New Zealand?(Wellingtons)6. What is the biggest industrial and cultural centre and the main seaport of Ireland?(Its capital Dublin)7. What color is the flag of Kazakhstan?(light blue)8. National language of our republic (Kazakh)The 4th student1. What is the traditional food for thanksgiving day?(Turkey)2. When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?(4th July)3. Who gave his name to America?(Amerigo Vespucci)4. In which US city in the last Winter Olympic Games took place?(Salt Lake City)5. What is New York?(The largest city in the USA)6. Who built the first car?(H. Ford)7. How long is Broadway?(21km)8. Which university is the oldest in the USA?(Harvard)The 5th student1. Where is Disneyland?(in California)2. What is the symbol of the Republican Party? (The Elephant)3. Which place is the centre of the American film industry?(Hollywood)4. Who is the head of the state and government?(The President)5. Who was the 1st US President?(G. Washington)6. What is the tallest building in Washington?(The Capitol)7. What is America’s national sport?(Baseball)8. How many theatres are there on Broadway? (30)The 6th student1. Who played the part of Rambo?(S. Stallone)2. How many main political parties are there in the US?(2)3. Who was the founder of Disneyland?(W. Disneyland)4. Where is Hawaii?(in the Pacific Ocean)5. Is Washington D. C. a state?(No)6. What is the other name for Alaska?(Great Land)7. How many states does the USA consist of? (50)8. Who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620?(The Piligrims)III. Do you know that?Choose the country and the scores on the whiteboard.

PoliglotЖарияланды 15-12-2015, 21:14 Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі The theme of the lesson POLYGLOTThe aims: Oқушылардың пәндерге қызығушылықтарын оята отырып логикалық ойлау қабілеттерін дамытып, дуниетанымын кеңеиту, ұиымшылдыққа, тапқырлыққа, алғырлыққа зеінді болуға тәрбиелеу.Good morning dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to our competition. Our game is very popular. I’ll want to start my lesson with the quotation of our president. ’’Every young man must know three or more foreign languages’’Let me introduce our competitors with the task of the game.1. Who is the quickest?2. Polyglot3. Warm – up4. Do you know?5. Riddles6. Who is the best?In the first round pupils must find the name of pictureand say it in three languages, for ex. monument – ескерткішпамятник,Eagle – буркіторелDeer – бұғыоленьBridge – көпірмостNature – табиғатприродаHelicopter – тікұшақвертолетThe juries will give them marks. If the pupils answer in three languages right they’’ll get 15 pointsIf you say only in one languages your points wil be 5 in two languages 10.The second round is ‘’Polyglot’’. The pupils must complete the proverbsEast or) west….(home is the best)How many people…(So many customs)Куи железо -(пока горячо)Отансыз адам…(ормансыз булбул )Ел жаусыз болмас…..Кто рано встает…..Better late ….Ісі жақсынын….Труд кормит …..The next we’ll have Warm – up. You’llread questions and answer the it. They are logical questions and it is very interesting.The third round is Do you know? There are a lot of questions about everything. І1Where is Kazakhstan situated?(in central Asia)2Romeo and Juliet was written by…?(W. Shakespeare)3What is national symbol of England?(red rose)4The country with the largest population?(CHINA)5The hottest continent of the world?(Africa)6The oldest university in England?(Oxford)8The smallest bird on the world?(Calibri)They live in a water, but they are not fish. What is it?After that you’’ll have another task and it’s called Riddles.Y OU must read and find it’s answer1. Take off my skin – Iwill not cry but you will. What am I?(onion)2. Where you can find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities, and cities without houses?(map)3. They don’t eat me alone, but cannot eat without me.(Salt)The fouth round is called Who is the best?I’LL read the questions and all answers will start with the letter B.1. A little child(baby)2. The name of the fruit.(banana)3. The antonym to the word good(bad)4. An object in the classroom(blackboard)5. The capital of Germany(Berlin)6. The name of the school subject.(biology)7. Acolour (black)8. A clever friend of manThe last task is I want to be. There are a lot of leters and they are the names of professions. You must find it. It’s time to finish our game/. The jury will speak about the results of the game. And we’ll know who the winner is. Our congratulations. Thank you for your participation. Good – buy.Кері қайтуМатериал рейтингісі:

“Who is the faster?”To enrich pupils knowledge about Kazakhstan and Britain. To train the pupils to use new vocabulary.To improve pupils interest for English language learning.Type: competitionMethods of the lesson: question – answer, games.Visual aids: cards, books, the interactive boards, slides

Dear friends! Im glad to see you at our meeting. You are the representatives of two great countries. Kazakhstan and Great Britain. Our meeting will be held in the form of competition. You will get one point for each correct answer. You are divided into two groups “Baiterek” from Kazakhstan, and “Big – ben” from Britain.I think that the game will be interesting and useful for you. We wish everybody good luck.Our game consists of 5 times1. “who know the best?”2. Who is faster3. “ translator”4. “nationalities’5. “speaker”Lets start with the first round which is called “who know the best?”1. What is the name of the president of Britain? (Elizabeth 2)2. Қазақ тілінде қанша сөз табы бар? Оларды атап шығыңыз!3. What money can you use in Britain? ( pound)4. Бес арыс (Ш. Құдайбердіұлы, М. Жұмабаев, Ж. Аймауытов, А. Байтұрсынов, М. Дулатов)5. Very popular shopping street in London? (Oxford)6. Үш бәйтерек (І. Жансүгіров, Б. Майлин, С. Сейфуллин)7. One of the largest department stores in oxford street? (Selfridges)8. Есімше және көсемшедегеніміз не?9. How many people work at the Selfridges? ( more than 2500)10. Сионим дегеніміз не?11. Very popular sport in Britain? (rugby)12. Омонимге мысал келтір.13. The capital of England is….. (London)14. Есімдік мағынасына қарай нешеге бөлінеді (жіктеу, сілтеу, сұрау, өздік, белгісіздік, болымсыздық, жалпылау)15. Very exciting and rather dangerous game? (cricket)16. Үш бақытты ата.17. When do people of Great Britain celebrate Christmas? (25 December)18. Валюта қашан шықты? (1993жылы 15 қараша)19. Where is big – ben situated? (in London)20. Табу сөз дегеніміз не?

The second round is “who is faster?”Look at the blackboard. There is numerals with questions. You will choose any number and I will ask you question1. What river is Astana situated on? (The Ishim)2. Абай қай жылдар аралығында өмір сүрді? (1845 – 1904жж)3. Диалект сөздерге мысал келтір.4. Ыбырай Алтынсариннің бір өлеңін жатқа оқып бер?5. What is the official name of Britain? ( The united Kingdom of Great Britain )6. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14)7. Менің отаным Қазақстан! (ағылшын тіліне аударыңыз) my native land is Kazakhstan

Our next round is “ translator”• Fish – балық•. milk – сүт• coat – пальто• kitchen – ас бөлмесі• watch – сағат• Butter – май• gloves – қолғап• green – жасыл• door – есік• Cake – торт• Water – су

Vegetables көкөністер• Carrot – сәбіз• shirt – жейде• orange – апельсин• brown – қоңыр• Potato – картоп• white – ақ• teacher – мұғалім• swimming – жүзу

Let` s revise unit Geography of the English speaking and other countries of the world, their capitals. Nationalities:Country – Capital – LanguageKazakhstan – Astana – KazakhFrance – Paris – FrenchUSA – Washington – EnglishRussia – Moscow – RussianEngland – London – BritishGermany – Berlin – GermanThe last stage is called “speaker”Here you must speak about England. Each pupils eхpresses their opinion (1 minute)Teacher: our game is over. We thank all the pupils for their participation. We wish you health, wealth success in your study! Thank you! Good bye!

Welcome to English!

   Қарағанды облысы, Ұлытау ауданы«№11 Қоскөл жалпы орта білім беретін мектебі»КММАғылшын пәнінің мұғалімі: Серік Индира СерікқызыTheme: Welcome to English!Aims: To develop peoples’ intellect, to practice hearing, speaking, to memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt.Visual aids: The interactive board, music, hot chair.Procedure of the lesson.I. Organization moment.Teacher: Good morning, dear guest and people. Welcome to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game. Language is the main type of means of communication. There are nearly 3000 languages in the world. English and Russian at our lesson which be held in the form of competition between 3 rounds. With help of the knowledge of foreign language we can communicate with each other, through the Internet or get necessary information from it.The game – “WELCOME TO ENGLISH!”The be done with group the sweets. Let’s go come people.Thank you sit down place you’re here and there. Write your group name.Chooses the scold: Ok thank you sit please! ____________and __________ we wish good game!The three roundsThe firs – HOT BALLThe second – POLYGLOTThe third – MODELThe fourth – Conclusion1 – round: “Hot ball”The group captain answer the question. Come her place sit down. The hot chair.«Осы кезеңде топ капитаны келіп ыстық орындыққа отырып сұраққа жауап беріп отырады. Әр дұрыс жауапқа 10 ұпайдан беріледі».Қызыл жәшік1. The antonym of the big2. The famous Kazakh writer3. What is national symbol of Kazakhstan?4. Which month is the day of Independence celebrated?5. Who is head of our country?6. What is the symbol of England?7. The capital of GB8. The river in the UK9. Who is head of the UK of GB and Northern Ireland?10. Kazakhstan is situated in ……Жасыл жәшік1. The Famous Clock2. The First Kazakh Spaceman3. Music Question (What Song Is It? Who Is A Singer)4. What Is The Official Part Of London?5. When Did The Tradition Christmas Meal In The Britain?6. What The Capital Of Scotland?7. What Is The National Costume Of Scotland?8. How many people live in London?9. A person who gives us medical help?10. Who was Kurmangazy?Thank you sit place.The 2 – round: POLYGLOT«Бұл кезеңде ұяшық ішіндегі жасырын тұрған тапсырмаларды орындайды. Choose the box and they assignment make. Әр тапсырмаға орындауына байланысты 10 ұпайдан беріледі».1. I did not go anywhere yesterday (Past simple)2. You live in Astana (the present continuous)3. You have been to Kokshetau (Present perfect)The 3 – raund: MODELThe group makes your model. You talk the model. The theme “My future village”.«Әр топтың өздерінің дайындаған макеттері бар, яғни үй жұмысы. «Менің болашақтағы ауылым» аты макет. Әр топтың қорғауына 20 ұпай, макеттің құрылымы мен жасалуына 10 ұпайдан бересіздер»Physical minutesIV. ConclusionTeacher: the groups stand – up, come to the blackboard.Толық нұсқасын жүктеуІлмек сөздер: Ағылшын еліне саяхатсайыс сабақ ағылшын тіліненурок игра английский язык

Начало формы“Who is the best?” – Кім жылдам?Мақсаты:Ағылшын тілін түсінуді үйрету;Алған білімдерін, дағдыларын нақты ситуацияда қолдана білу; ойөрісін кеңейту; логикалық ойлауды дамыту; тілдік, зияткерлік, танымдық қабілеттерін дамыту;Топта жұмыс істеуді білу; ағылшын тіліне қызығушылығын арттыру; қарымқатынас мәдениетін қалыптастыру.Көрнекіліктер: плакаттар, суреттер 

Мұғалім: Good afternoon, dear teachers, dear pupils! Welcome to the party!We congratulate you with the holiday of languages! Nowadays it is very important to learn three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. It is the official language of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the USA, of Australia and New Zealand. Engli sh is used as one of the official languages in Canada, in the Irish Republic and the Republic of South Africa. It is also spoken as a second language in many parts of India and Africa. English is now dominant or official language in more than 60 countries in the world. It is a language of Internet and it has become the language of business, politics, science, communication.Мұғалім:  Қайырлы күн құрметті мұғалімдер, оқушылар! Сіздерді тілдер мерекесімен құттықтай отырып, зор денсаулық, бақыт және тілдерді жақсы оқып меңгерулеріне тілектеспіз. “Қазақстан халқы бүкіл әлемде үш тілді пайдаланатын мәдениетті ел ретінде танылуға тиіс. Бұлар: қазақ тілімемлекеттік тіл, орыс тіліұлтаралық тіл және ағылшын тіліжаһандық экономикаға ойдағыдай кірігу тілі ”.Әлемде 3 мыңнан астам тілдер бар. Ағылшын тілі ең кең тараған тілдердің бірі. Ол көптеген елдерде мемлекеттік тіл болып табылады.Ол Ұлы Британияның және Солтүстік Ирландияның, АҚШтың, Аустралияның және Жаңа Зеландияның мемлекеттік тілі болып келеді.Ағылшын тілі мемлекеттік тілдің бірі болып Канадада, Ирландия Республикасында және Оңтүстік Африкада қолданылады. Ол екінші тіл болып Индияның және Африканың көптеген жерлерінде сөйленеді.Қазіргі кезде ағылшын тілі басым не мемлекеттік тіл болып 60 астам елдерде қолданылады. Ол Интернет, бизнес, саясат, ғылым мен коммуникация тілі. Today at our school we have a big competition “Who’s the best?” Before our competition  let’s invite our judges. They will give you marks for the competition. Our jury consists of the following teachers.  : Бүгінгі сайысымызКім жылдам?” деп аталады.I . We wish you good luck and success. Let’s begin our competition. The first round is “Baiga”. The task is to answer the questions as quickly as possible. Answer the questions in a chain.II Құрметті ойыншылар, біз сіздерге сәттілік пен табыс тілейміз. Ойынның бірінші кезеңі – “Бәйге”. Сұрақтарға қай топ жылдам жауап береді? Сұрақтарға топтар кезек-кезек жауап беру керек. 

  • What is the biggest state of the USA?( Alaska)2. Where is the statue of Liberty situated? (New York)3. Who is the author of “ROMEO AND JULLIETA”? ( Shakespeare) 4. Who is the author of “ASIA” ? (Oлжас Сулейменов)5. How many states are there in America? (50)6. When is America’s Independence Day? (July,4)7. What is the capital of New Zealand? ( Wellington)8. What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)9. Who was the first President of the USA?- George Washington10. What is the national symbol of England? ( Rose)10.What is the longest river in London? (the Thames)11. What is the Big Ben? ( a clock)12. What is the highest mountain in GB? (Ben Nevis) 

Конец формыНачало формыКонец формыНачало формыII. I- The second round is “ Who is the best?”In these envelopes there are two letters: A and B. I will read you questions and all answers will start with the letters A or B.II- Екінші раунд – “Кім ең білімді”? Мына конвертте екі әріптер бар. Топ жетекшілері таңдап алған әріптен ғана басталатын жауап береді.Letter A1. The name of the fruit. (apple)2. The river of the USA. (Amazonka)3. The name of the month. ( April)4. The capital of Kazakhstan. (Astana)5. One of the Oceans ( Atlantic Ocean)6. The famous Kazakh writer (Abai)Letter B1. A little child (baby)2. The name of the fruit. (banana)3. The antonym of the word “good”. (bad)4. A kind of the dance. (ballet)5. The capital of Germany. (Berlin)6 .The English poet /Byron / – Knowing foreign languages has a practical value. It makes us easier to choose a profession and provides a job promotion. Today there are a lot of people in Europe and Asia who know several languages. Cardinal Mezzophanty who lived in the middle of the last century knew 100 languages. Professor Hesstermann from Germany knew 132 languages.Көптеген тарихи тұлғалар, дипломаттар, қолбасшылар бірнеше тілде сөйлеген. Мысалы, Богдан Хмельницкий 5 тілді меңгерген, ал Екатерина ІІ орыс,неміс тілдерден бөлек тағы да үш тілді жетік меңгерген.III. The next round is “Polyglot”. Let’s solve the riddles and give an answer in three languages.Келесі кезектеПолиглотсайысы. Балалар, “полиглотдеп қімді атайды? Жұмбақтарды шешіп, жауабын 3 тілде беру керек.Екі топ кезеккезек жауап береді.Бір топ жауап берелмесе екінші топқа жауап беруге болады. 1. Айдалада ақ отауАузымұрны жоқ отау. /An egg/2. Аласа ғана бойы бар,Айналдырып киген тоны бар. / an onion /3. A little woman has twelve children. / a year /4. It is vegetableIt has many eyes. /potato/5. Везет, а не лошадь,Летит, а не птица ,Жужжит, а на пчела. /a plane/6. Упадет- поскачет,Ударишь- не плачет. /a ball/6. Көргенім жоқ нақ бұлардай артисті,Түрі бірдей, ал іздері әр түсті. /a pencil/8. Басын қақшандатса да.Кеудесі көтере алмайды,Түп-түзу келе жатса да ,Жалтарып-бұлтарып алдайды. /water/9. Ол өзі қолымдағы елгезегім,Жұмсасам, айтақырда жол кезерім. /A pen/10. Су ішінде желігер,Құм үстінде демігер. /a fish/IV. Who knows more words?V. Find the words and give them to the judges. Орны ауысып тұрған әріптерден сөз құраңдар. ocunyrt – countryrepsent – presentrnefch – Frenchlidhoay – holiday erthegot – togetherdinerf – friendvelyol – lovelynetogu – tongue VI. Find one odd word in each line1. blue, black, pink, yellow, melon2.  speak, answer, sing, breakfast, translate3.  potato, tomato, carrot, pear, tree4.  tiger, lion, bird, elephant, rabbit5.  summer,  winter,  rain,  spring,  autumn6.  carpet, sausage, apple,  juice, cheese7.  teacher, pupil, blackboard, manager, book8.  mother, sister, aunt, dad, doctor9.  English,  Russian, Phone, Sport, Mathematics10. table, bathroom,  armchair, lamp, sofa– And now we want to play a game with the spectators. Who can say these tongue twisters without any mistakes?Келесі кезекте көрермендермен ойын. Кім берілген жаңылтпаштарды жаңылмай айтады, сол оқушыға сыйлық беріледі.1. She sells sea shells on the sea shore.2.  A proper copper coffee pot.3. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper.– While the judges will give the teams the marks let’s listen to the song and enjoy it. It’ a very popular song from the famous film “Titanic” .You’re welcome, Nazerke.. Conclusion. Awarding the winners.Our game comes to the end. I think that you’ll see it’s very important to study English. I wish you success in studying English. Thank you for your attention. Good-bye!

VIII. .      “Countries”                match the country with its capital:  -Russia, the UK, the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Japan, Ukraine. -Tokyo, Kiev, Rome, London, Moscow, Washington, Berlin, Paris, Brasilia, MadridIX . – The next task is to find the opposites of the words. You will be given the sheets of paper with adjectives. Find the antonyms and translate them into Kazakh.Келесі тапсырмаберілген сөздердің антонимдерін тауып, қазақ тіліне аударыңдар. For the first group:Fast—- cheapSmall—– dirtyClean—- boringInteresting—– bigExpensive—– slowFor the second group:Safe—– easyFamous—– coldOld —– youngHot —– well-knownDifficult —– dangerous– While the judges will give the teams the marks let’s listen to the song and enjoy it. It’ a very popular song from the famous film “Titanic” .You’re welcome, Nazerke.X. Conclusion. Awarding the winners.Our game comes to the end. I think that you’ll see it’s very important to study English. I wish you success in studying English. Thank you for your attention. Good-bye!Конец формы

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