A narrative text p.57 (Linking events; when, while, as soon as) Space and Earth p.58 – Ағылшын тілі – Bilim


At the beginning of the lesson, teacher greets the pupils and divides into two groups by numbers. T: Pupils, make a circle and divide into two groups choosing cards with the names of I group and II group   .

T: Ok, children sit seats by your chosen cards.

Organization moment:

T: Good morning children!

S: Good morning teacher!

T: How are you today?

T: Who is on duty today?

T: Who is absent today?

Let’s check your homework. Open your copybooks and I will look. Who is not ready for today? Your home task was:   SB ex.6 p.56

Brainstorming:  warm-up (2-3min)

With books closed, ask students to think about Laura and Emily skiing across the Arctic. Ask students if they can remember what happened to Laura. Ask students if they have ever been to Baikonur. Ask what they know about the cosmodrome and whether they would like to visit it. Write their ideas about Baikonur on the board, but do not confirm or reject any at this stage.

The main part of the lesson
Vocabulary practice:

T: OK. Now let’s write a dictation. All of you read these words at our last lesson and some of them you have already known. Repeat the words. You have 1 minute. Open your copybooks and write down the date and the word «Dictation»

T: We continue our work.

Ex 1. Read the model text. Match information 1-6  with summaries a-f.

S&E Ex 1. In pairs, students check the meaning of the words and complete the sentences with 6 of the words.


1-d        2-e     3-f       4-c         5-a     6-b

1.star,galaxy    2. Planets

3.satellite         4.Cosmodrome   5.astronaut

T: Time is over. I want you to with me an exercise on the blackboard.

Write down all sentences from the blackboard and put the correct word

into the sentences below. (5 мин)

 Method “Check up  yourself”

T: Now open your books on page 57,58 ex.2 complete the key phrases with the words in the box. Play the recording, students check their answers.





4.as soon as












Open your vocabularies and write down the new words.

Write new words vocabulary.

A brave rescue, after, as soon as, suddenly, when, while, galaxy, planets, satellite, cosmodrome, astronaut.

              Language  point: when, while, as soon as

Ex 3.choose the correct words.

Answers: 1.while      2.as soon as     3. When

                1.is, are    2.were

S&E. Ex 4. In a weaker, do this together as a class activity. Answers:

  1. Was served
  2. Were designed
  3. Were invented
  4. Is dried
  5. Were used
  6. Are placed
  7. Is eaten
  8. Is kept
  9. Are opened
  10. Is drunk

Ex 5.give students a minute to find all instances of by and with in the text in ex 4. Answers:

1.By:…new containers were designed by scientists …;…the ones which were used by astronauts… we use by to show who or what does something.

 2.with:… the food is eaten with a fork and spoon…; The containers are opened with scissors…;…the water is drunk with a straw….

We use with to show the method. It means’ using something.

Ex 6. Explain the task and ask students to do it individually. Answers:

  1. The ISS was visited by the space tourist Dennis Tito in 2001.
  2. The planet Uranus was 1st seen with a telescope in 1781.
  3. Cosmonautics Day is celebrated on 12th April every year.
  4. The 1st  rocket to go into space was created by a team of German and Russian scientists.
  5. English and Russian are spoken on the ISS.